January 1, 2012

New Year's resolutions for teachers

Do you make a New Year's resolution as a teacher? What sorts of promises should teachers be making to improve their own classes and education, in general?

My teacher resolution for 2012 is to continue to grow my year-long projects and to help my students get the most out of them. This requires a commitment to daily research and individual and small-group coaching. I will need to work closely with students to help them align their project goals with their step-by-step plans. More how-to videos will need to be created, in order to help guide students to places and tools that will generate learning opportunities.

My education resolution is to get more teachers committed to building a Results Only Learning Environment. This will take presenting at conferences, posting and commenting on blogs and social media, like Twitter, and discussing the value of results-only learning with colleagues.

So, what teacher and education resolution have you made?