July 1, 2011

Share your progressive methods and experiences

As research for my new book, ROLE Reversal, continues, I'm looking for educators who have experiences with the kind of progressive methods that are used in a Results Only Learning Environment.Consider the following questions:

  • Do you teach in a workshop environment? If so, how does it differ from what your colleagues in  traditional classrooms are doing? 
  • Have you eliminated rules and consequences to any degree at all? What is the result?
  • Is your class project-based? What is the impact of this method of teaching on standardized tests? Do your students perform better than their peers in traditional (homework, worksheet, grades) classes?
  • Have you eliminated traditional tools, such as homework, worksheets, bell work, multiple-choice quizzes, etc.? How has this affected your students' attitudes toward learning?
  • Have you eliminated number and letter grades? How do you evaluate learning?
  • Have you eliminated rubrics?
  • Do you use narrative feedback? Do you allow students to make change after your feedback? What is the impact of this on learning?
  • Are your students involved in evaluating themselves for report card grades? Can you explain the procedure and its value?

Please take time to comment, and subscribe to comments, so we can get a lively discussion started on these important topics.