June 13, 2011

Feedback Toolkit: performance reviews

If you dedicate yourself to providing narrative feedback throughout the year, over grades, it's important to consider adding a final performance review.

How it works
The performance review is a complete summary of each student's production for the entire school year. As you may have guessed, these are somewhat lengthy, usually one typed page, consisting of 250-350 words. The performance review should be an extension of the kind of feedback you've provided throughout the year. It should clearly outline each student's subject-related skills, collaboration, project work and work ethic.

Rather than placing negative comments on the performance review, include recommendations for improvement heading into the next school year. Although it's important to remain positive, these should also be direct. If a student has struggled in an important area, it's critical that she know this in the performance review, as it will give her something to consider over the summer.

Finally, a good performance review should include a few sentences at the end that remind the student of important summer activities, such as summer reading, skills camps or other school-related activities.

For a better understanding of year-end performance reviews, see the sample performance review on the top menu and linked here.

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