Performance Review

The Results Only Learning Environment is built on narrative feedback. Following is an example of a year-end performance review:

Melinda: language arts performance review
Melinda has a wide array of language arts skills, and she worked hard on honing them throughout the year. She is a very creative writer, as indicated by her diary project, in which she crafted characters from the Great Depression and developed them over a three-month period. Her writing improved throughout the work, as she focused on basic mechanics and improved vocabulary. Melinda did a wonderful job of taking my specific feedback and making solid corrections and additions to her project. Melinda’s reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing assessments have been above average throughout the year, and she and her group produced a very nice research project, which is one of the most difficult units of the year. Melinda was an asset to both whole- and small-group discussions, offering insightful questions and answers. I could always count on her to “bail me out,” if a discussion was failing. Melinda was part of a group that spearheaded a club with the goal of eliminating bullying at school. This demonstrates not only a wonderful personal code of ethics but a strong ability to translate this code to a community – a very mature skill. It’s been a pleasure having Melinda in my language arts class.

Things to improve heading into 8th grade language arts
It’s difficult to find too many weaknesses in Melinda, when it comes to language arts. I would recommend continued work on the mechanics of writing, as some basic mistakes do occasionally work their way into her prose. Be sure to proofread all of the time, prior to turning in any formal writing. Also, this may be nitpicking, but I’d like to see Melinda read more. Although she met her reading goal for the second semester, her Lexile measure did decrease significantly (50 points), and many of her peers are reading much more. I’d like to see Melinda challenge herself with a bigger volume of books and some at higher Lexiles -- in the 1200 range.

Please join me at the Mustang Book Club at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst library twice weekly beginning June 20, from 11:30-noon on Mondays and Thursdays. We can work on your book plan then.

Best of luck,

Mark Barnes