June 11, 2013

Does the social network happy medium exist?

In a recent post, I wondered if I am using Facebook right. As a writer, presenter and consultant, I am also a salesman, and the product I sell is me.

I find it difficult to sell myself without coming off as self-aggrandizing and, perhaps, even a little arrogant. Many writers and presenters I know promote their blogs, books and appearances on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. To their credit, they also share tons of valuable
Photo credit: Marquettejournal.org
information for free.

My social networking strategy is to share more information than promotional material. I give away how-to videos on my Learn it in 5 web site, and I share hundreds of powerful links to valuable professional development sites on Twitter each month.

Mixed in with all of this information, and any thought-provoking posts I place here, I must admit to adding promotional material to Facebook, Twitter and this blog (note the message at the bottom of the page, pushing my book, Role Reversal.

I guess I'm trying to find that magic happy medium -- the perfect blend of information sharing and self-promotion.

I wonder, though, does the social network happy medium really exist?

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