June 10, 2013

Am I doing Facebook right?

So, I started using Facebook. I know, you're probably saying, "Is this guy serious?"

I know I'm about a hundred years late (okay, really it's only about six years). And it's not like I haven't had a Facebook page, because I do; here it is. I just didn't really use it. That is all changing, and maybe for the wrong reason.
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Most of the people I know, family and friends, use Facebook for updates, news, jokes, video, picture sharing and lots of other recreational use.

I've been so busy on Twitter, which I use strictly as a Personal Learning Network, I never saw the use for Facebook. Recently, though, I saw a smart article about ramping up your business with social media. Since I'm a full-time education author and consultant, I figured it was time to really start using Facebook.

So, I started sending out friend requests by the dozens. I went to a person I respect as an educator and a consultant, and I started friending her friends -- a pretty solid strategy, I figured. Plus, many of them I already followed on Twitter.

Then, I began adding my professional websites, pictures of my books and appearances and links to other Mark Barnes promotional stuff.

Is this necessary for someone who is in the business of promoting himself? Probably. Something about it just doesn't feel right, though. It feels contrived.

So, what do you think? Am I going about this whole Facebook promotional stuff properly, or not?

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