May 15, 2013

Teachers still troubled by rules and consequences

After ASCD In-Service posted my article here, it landed on ASCD's Facebook page here, where it garnered plenty of commentary.

While many teachers are in favor of a progressive, student-centered approach to education, an equal amount seem troubled by this tip for creating a student-centered classroom:

 Here are just a few responses on ASCD's Facebook page:

The problem is that these comments are based on one brief tip in one short blog post. In  my book, Role Reversal, I explain that discipline issues fall prey to a system that focuses on building excellent teacher-student rapport, eliminating boring traditional teaching methods and giving students the kind of autonomy they've never seen in school. This Results Only Learning Environment creates a learning community, where rules and consequences aren't necessary.

So, can you help me elaborate for the teachers who are still troubled by rules and consequences?

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