May 24, 2013

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I'm excited to announce the launch of my email newsletter called, The Mark Barnes Newsletter -- pretty creative, huh!

The newsletter offers two key items that my blogs and books do not:

  1. The big one is that it's delivered directly to your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone, via email.
  2. The other is that it features articles from some of education's top authors, presenters and thought leaders.

I'm thrilled to say that thousands of educators have already subscribed. I hope you'll join them today. Once you subscribe, you'll get a welcome letter, with a privacy policy and other info about the newsletter. About a week later, you'll get your first full newsletter, containing powerful information on a hot topic in education.

Thereafter, you'll receive monthly newsletters with amazing information and tips on a wide array of topics in education. This newsletter will always contain something for everyone connected to education. Use the subscribe section below to start reading The Mark Barnes Newsletter, and be sure to pass this along to your colleagues.

To start reading The Mark Barnes Newsletter, simply supply your name and email address and click Subscribe below.

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