January 6, 2012

Grand opening: ResultsOnly Twitter chat

About six months ago, I started  tweeting to the #resultsonly Twitter hashtag. I created this Twitter chat stream, in order to heighten awareness about the Results Only Learning Environment and, hopefully, to begin a reform movement that encourages teachers to use more ROLE strategies.

With the new year, I have decided to launch a scheduled #results only Twitter chat -- one that will generate a conversation that focuses on ROLE strategies.

The Grand Opening of the #resultsonly scheduled chat is Wednesday, January 11 at 7 PM EST.

The chat will take place once a month at first. In an effort to avoid competition with other popular education-related chats, such as #edchat, I will narrow the discussion topics for #resultsonly.

Once the audience grows, I'll Tweet out topic surveys, so you can generate the discussions. For our first-ever scheduled chat, I think it's appropriate to discuss one of the rocks of the Results Only Learning Environment -- narrative feedback over grades.

Whether you are a traditionalist, a  progressive, a homeschooler or something in between, don't miss the #resultsonly Twitter chat on Wednesday, January 11 and every Wednesday after at 7 PM EST. All parents and educators are welcome.

Remember, so all participants see your tweets, be sure to add the #resultsonly hashtag to all tweets. See you in the Twittersphere on Wednesday.

New to Twitter? You can learn more about hashtags here.

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