September 29, 2011

More teachers converting to a ROLE

I was thrilled to get an e-mail from Joey, a Midwestern state teacher, who tells me that after many years of teaching, he's made the conversion to a Results Only Learning Environment.

Joey writes:

"My friend is the 7th grade social studies teacher and after a month of convincing, he has bought in and is also trying a ROLE's classroom.

"In my class there are no tests, quizzes, or homework.  Now I have not completely stopped giving grades, but instead of me grading the kids, they are having one on one talks with me and grading themselves on individual projects and group projects. I really feel like I already know the students better and what they know in a better way.  After 12 years of desks in rows, they are gone and my kids are in groups at tables everyday.  I have gone to the beginnings of project based learning and navigating my way through that.

"I really have not had rules in my class.  It is funny about your post a couple of days ago about rules.  I actually tell my kids the exact same thing.  You have been in school for 7 - 8 years and you know what is expected.  I have two requests for the kids.....Do your best (which covers pretty much everything) and persistence.  Other than that I am pretty laid back and just enjoy teaching."
Joey is one of many teachers who either use some results-only strategies or are taking the complete plunge and building a Results Only Learning Environment.

So, what kinds of ROLE strategies are you using?