July 23, 2011

Discuss results-only learning on Twitter

As the drive to get more teachers to convert their classrooms into Results Only Learning Environments, I have decided to keep the discussion going on Twitter 24/7.

I've created a new Twitter hashtag to drive the discussion. It is #resultsonly.

Although I would never attempt to compete with major Twitter discussions like #edchat, I am considering having a #resultsonly chat, maybe twice monthly to start. We would discuss results-only concepts like the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of homework, worksheets, year-long projects and testing, classroom management in a ROLE and narrative feedback over grades, to name a few.

I'll keep you posted on when the #resultsonly chat will take place. Meanwhile, please move the discussion forward by adding the #resultsonly hashtag to any tweets that you believe are about a ROLE and how it functions.

And don't forget to spread the word on your blog and, of course, on Twitter.

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