June 5, 2011

Please take this challenge: it can change everything

If you are a regular reader of this blog and my tweets, you know by now that I am in the midst of major reform in my classroom. I have transformed my class into what I call a Results Only Learning EnvironmentTM. A ROLE is a place that replaces all traditional teaching with progressive methods and narrative feedback over grades.

Accept this challenge
I am working on a book called, ROLE ReversalTM. The book is based on my own experience, and I'm looking for evidence of success of ROLE strategies in other classrooms. I need you to take this challenge, and transform your class into a ROLETM.

All you have to do is change your methods for one grading period. What this means is eliminating all, or at least some, of the traditional methods you may be using: homework, worksheets, rules and consequences, number and letter grades on activities and projects.

How is it done?
Start your school year by explaining to students that things will be different in your class from what they are used to. Tell them there's no homework (at least for the first grading period) and no grades. Explain that you want a class built on narrative feedback from you and from them. Tell students that they will have a chance to make changes to every activity, project or test, based on feedback they receive. End by really shocking them and telling them that at the end of the grading period you will either allow them to grade themselves (if you're really bold) or you will listen to their feedback about what their grade should be.

Need more info?
If you are interested in taking this challenge but need to learn more about how a ROLE works, either post a question in the comment section or contact me with specific questions here.