July 1, 2012

A look inside ROLE Reversal, the book

The following is an outline of several chapters in the forthcoming book, ROLE Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom. Don't miss the remaining chapters, when the book is released in early 2013.

1. Rebelling Against Traditional Methods – A results-only learning system is one that is in direct contrast to a traditional classroom. Learn how the teacher becomes a rebel in his students eyes, which creates automatic support and respect for the results-only classroom from Day one of the school year.

3. Letting Go of Homework, Worksheets – A ROLE is about results. It is taking a learning objective and using a variety of methods to demonstrate meeting the objective. Gone are traditional in-class worksheets, homework and grades. This chapter demonstrates how the results-only system works, complete with project examples, activities and evaluation. Also, the chapter proposes a homework challenge that will encourage any teacher to rethink the usefulness of homework.

6. The Evolution of Evaluation – This chapter presents a Feedback Toolkit, which is filled with web-based assessment tools and other types of formative assessment. Each tool is explained and real-class examples are provided.

8. High Stakes Testing: No problem – One of the best aspects of a ROLE is that not only do students learn more than they ever have in a traditional classroom, they also pass standardized tests at a much higher rate than their traditional class peers. See how the author’s test scores skyrocket over a two-year period, even though he never teaches to the test, like his traditional colleagues do. Also, learn how minority students in a ROLE outscore minority students in the traditional classroom by substantial margins.

9. Who Needs Discipline? Throw out Rules and Consequences – A results-only classroom is a community of learners. The intrinsic motivation that grows in students throughout the year creates an environment of mutual respect and trust. The Do’s and Don’t’s of a traditional classroom and the carrots and sticks that accompany them are not necessary in a ROLE. This communal environment and how to facilitate it are carefully examined in this chapter. Creating this no-nonsense, discard-the-rules classroom is clearly illustrated in this chapter, along with a snapshot view of how to incorporate this problem-free atmosphere into any classroom.

Don't miss ROLE Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom, due in early 2013 by ASCD, the world's top educational leadership organization