May 9, 2012

How dare you chew gum in my class!

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Our student discipline handbook is jam-packed with rules, designed to keep students from running amok. It is, after all, critical that order be maintained.

One such rule is "no gum chewing."

Many of our would-be learners are dismissed from classes for this awful breach of the school's judicial system. These destroyers of education are often banished to our Student Management Room (a euphemism for detention center). And why wouldn't they be? How could any teacher be expected to engage students in a place filled with these bubble-blowing, lip-smacking, eye-rolling miscreants?

Imagine your child missing an opportunity to learn, because she was jettisoned for chewing gum. Would you expect anything less? I mean, how dare she chew gum in an institution of learning?

I keep wondering, is there anything that merits more consideration in the world of education than this insidious gum-chewing? Something has got to be done!