September 26, 2011

The best results-only bloggers

I was trolling my Google reader this morning, clicking through to my favorite bloggers. Although there are many amazing educators in my reader, covering a variety of education-related topics, I'm especially partial to those who write about results-only learning (whether they use the phrase or not).

Here is a list of my favorite progressive educators. I strongly recommend that you follow them on Twitter and add them to your reader:

Joe Bower - For the Love of Learning: When I first started looking for progressive educators while writing my book on results-only learning, Joe was the first person I found, whose philosophies mirror mine. Joe writes often on the ills of traditional teaching and the evils of standardized testing. His ideas on formative assessment are revolutionary.

Pernille Ripp -- Blogging through the Fourth Dimension: I met Pernille on Twitter, and her blog (one of the coolest names ever) quickly became a must-read.  Pernille runs the results-only playbook daily, which I, of course, believe is the way to do things in education.

Monika Hardy -- you blog: Monika is a truly unique thinker, who shared one of my new favorite quotes, "Get out of their way," when I was writing last summer. She is part of a remarkable teaching and learning experiment that puts learning in students' hands. You can learn more about it at Lab Connections.

Eric Sheninger -- A Principal's Reflections: Featured in major media nationwide, Eric is arguably the most progressive-minded principal you find. He embraces social media for teachers and students and enlightens educators everywhere about the power of 21st century learning.

Valerie Strauss -- The Answer Sheet: Valerie is an education journalist and blogger for the Washington Post. A true friend of the reform movement, Valerie features articles by education reformers such as Alfie Kohn and Stephen Krashen and adds her own unique spin.

Angela Maiers: I met Angela through Twitter a few years ago, and she has been instrumental in my professional growth. A 20-year classroom teacher, Angela now offers PD nationwide on progressive education and passion-driven teaching. Angela features ROLE-type blog posts weekly and is one of the most passionate educators you'll ever meet.