May 22, 2011

Results-only does not mean test results

In a stimulating TED discussion about a Results Only Learning EnvironmentTM, it was suggested that the phrase "results-only" can lead someone to think that the point of the phrase is that the process of learning is not important. In other words, test results might be all that matter.When it comes to a ROLE, this couldn't be more inaccurate.

Results-only learning, to be clear, means that mastery of a learning outcome is what matters above everything else. How a student gets there, in most cases, is irrelevant. Testing, in fact, rarely demonstrates mastery.

In a project-based, results-only classroom, teachers act more as facilitators, coaching students throughout the process. The teacher gives constant narrative feedback, guiding students to paths that eventually lead to the learning outcome. These may be multiple paths. Each student may take a different one, with a few detours. However, as long as they consider the feedback, revisit mini lessons and problem-solve, mastery is inevitable.

So, results-only learning is definitely about process. The result that is most important is never a test result. It's learning.

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